Attract 4x more corporate clients by reducing onboarding time from 3 months to 1 minute

Fast, secure and privacy-protected, our solution is built to automate without compromising data collection standards

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What can Gatenox do for protocols & DeFi?


Enhance customer experience

A seamless user experience guides the user through the entire data collection process and pre-populates data where public records are available


Reduce compliance risk

View company structure data in a simple graphical structure to ensure you easily digest complicated shareholder structures and UBOs


Accelerate client onboarding

Dramatically reduce the time it takes for a client to onboard with our intuitive platform

How It Works

Gatenox brings protocols and DeFi projects 4x more corporate clients by streamlining the KYB process while enhancing the user experience

Applicants can spend less time on each KYB application

  • User friendly data upload process with instant feedback on completeness of documentation required
  • One-click KYB application process
  • Real-time alerts for status of pending KYB applications

Fintechs can reduce cost spent for customer due diligence and prevent customer drop off

  • Bring in 4x more clients by preventing drop off during corporate KYC
  • Reduce compliance staff workload by 80%
  • Automated sanction and PEP checks across 141 jurisdictions to manage AML risk

What People Are Saying

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From my experience, a solution like Gatenox would be very helpful in streamlined AML/KYC onboarding process, allowing us to focus on the most complex cases and imminently increase efficiency of our compliance effort.

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Arthur D. Middlemiss
Partner at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss

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The promise of having fast (from 6 weeks down to 1 min) and secure KYB makes Gatenox a potential rockstar amongst onboarding providers.

Dr Daniel Baeriswyl
Dr Daniel Baeriswyl
CEO Science Bank

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Gatenox solution would be certainly greatly sought after by our crypto client.

Carol Van Cleef
Carol Van Cleef
Lawyer at Bradley, Founder and CEO of the
Luminous Group Forbes  “50 over 50” nominee

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